Railo Open Source

Railo open source is a completely free, open source CFML engine that has been officially accepted as a JBoss.org project. Railo is known for its compatibility, performance, innovations and extensibility.

LGPL V2 Open Source

Railo is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1. If you want to read more about the license just visit the GNU homepage.


Railo CFML is designed to be compatible with all of the core features agreed by the CFML Language Advisory Committee. Most existing ColdFusion applications will work out of the box on Railo.
The rest can often be ported in just a few hours, and there's plenty of community and consulting help available.


Railo has built the highest performing CFML engine available, so if you want to get more out of your servers and deliver a better experience to end users of your sites, you owe it to yourself to try out Railo CFML.


Railo CFML has always been characterized by it's innovative, elegant extensions to the core CFML feature set. With "resources" you can treat RAM, the hard disk, an FTP server or even an Amazon S3 service in exactly the same way (e.g. using cffile). You can deliver secure applications by creating a non-decryptable JAR for deployments, Railo provides cluster caching out of the box and allows for the separation of applications and their settings in different configurable contexts.

Looking beyond just CFML to the needs of all developers on the JVM, we're also excited to take advantage of unprecedented access to other JBoss projects like Hibernate to continue to make harder things easier using CFML.


For most projects, Railo CFML will be all that you need. However, we are building up a vibrant community of developers who will be offering Extensions. Also, Railo is open source, so if you run into an issue you can just download the source and add your own custom patch (or get someone to help you to do so). Unlike commercial offerings, you're not stuck waiting for the next release for a patch or a fix - you can write one yourself!